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Welcome to Swedish Nature and Flowers Collection
Every piece is hand drawn and hand painted



Carrie is a self learnt Swedish-based artist. She was born in Singapore, a tiny cosmopolitan city and country. After her studies with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management, and a Diploma in Nursing from Sweden, she worked in the field of corporate business management and nursing in both countries travelling back and fro. In the later years, she worked as a commercial model in Stockholm and moved to another town to be closer with her love ones. It was then she fell in love with nature, growing of plants, observing the wildlife and forest. She decided to follow her heart and follow her childhood dream she once had as a child to become an artist. She is an observer of things, people and mind. In the recent work, being influenced by nature and flowers and the four seasons in Sweden, allows her to work in the moment, creativity and positively in the very stillness. 



Welcome to the Power of Now. I live in a small town of Sweden with my love ones spending a lot of time cooking, making handcrafts, gardening, planting and working on Art. Everything here is hand drawn, hand painted with a conscious mind. I called it, ‘’Conscious Art’’. During the momentum of painting, I immersed myself into the deeper presence, appreciating the presence of the nature, the leaves, plants and flowers at sight. I spent a great deal of time in my summerhouse where every kind of plants and flowers grow from the wild. During winter, my house of plants accompanied us throughout the cold season. It is through their presence, these paintings are drawn. Every bit of their essence, their beauty are captured in this every moment.


Mixed Media.

The media that I used include Oil, Acrylic on linen or cotton canvas. The cards are created by Promaker, Posca, Len Pen and Pigma Micron to name a few. I spray a clear resistant coating protection to seal the colours which made it last longer. This can be added or remove by request. These are high quality pens that will last a long time when comes to colour fading. I also used polychromos and other techniques media to achieve certain look and results. All papers and cards are high quality heavy paper that are acid-free. Hope you enjoy the Art!



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