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Swedish Summer, painted during summer

Hand Made, Hand Painted Folded Card 

Off White, 125 x 93mm 

100% Cotton paper 

297 grams Swedish uncoated, acid free and certified paper

Comes with white envelope



Outer size: 130 x 95mm

Size: 130 x 95mm

Paper: Made from 100% high-quality cotton paper. Certified, acid-free, un-coated and age-resistant white American 118 gr 100% cotton paper.

Substainbility: Made from America. Shipped by boat.

Material: 100% Cotton Paper

Style: V-closing


Swedish Summer

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  • This painting is drawn in the summer house in the summer garden. It is captured in the moment tuning into the deeper presence of their essence. Every piece is made with love and care. Every card is authethic and every piece is not identical. It is only one because it's hand painted and handmade. Every card will have a signature at the back of the card and year made. You are supporting small business and artist vision when purchasing this card. Thank you for supporting! 

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